McDonald's Is Testing Sweet Potato Fries In Texas

Are you ready for this?

This just in: McDonald's might start selling sweet potato fries. Yes, you read that right.
McD's told The Huffington Post that the fast food chain is testing sweet potato fries in some Create Your Taste test restaurants in Amarillo, Texas.

Sweet potato fries are one of those polarizing comfort foods. You're either a die-hard fan or you absolutely can't see the appeal of a French fry that's sort of sweet and probably too soft and unsettlingly orange.

But McDonald's is on a quest to appeal to health-conscious, food-savvy millennials with new items like avocado toast and an organic beef burger, and the restaurant has been been testing new items on the regular over the past few years. The notoriety of McD's fries -- those incomparable sticks of salty, fried potatoes -- might make this latest introduction a highly controversial one.

McDonald's told The Huffington Post that it wants your feedback, so let's hear it! Are you into McD's sweet potato fries? Or do you hope they never go beyond the Texas state line?

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