McDonald's Threatens To Kick Out Two Teens For 'Romantic' Candlelit Dinner: Report (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Two Teens Ruffle Fast Food Outlet's Feathers By Doing This

Two British teens were allegedly threatened to be kicked out of a McDonald's after they staged a romantic "gay" dinner date.

Cameron Ford and Adam Welland, who are not actually gay, posted photos of the fancy occasion on Twitter. According to Pink News, the pair brought their own cutlery and plates, wine glasses, electric tea lights and flowered vase for their meal:

Ford and Welland even posted a photo of themselves feeding each other French fries before a security guard was apparently summoned to remove them from the restaurant:

Though Ford identified Welland in a since-deleted Tweet as his "beautiful boyfriend," the pair now says they were joking.

"We both just thought it would be hilarious to bring formal gear to such an informal place, and it developed from there," Welland told HuffPost UK. "I think we would definitely do it again, however not in the same place. For it to remain funny we would need variety in venue."

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