McDonald's In Trademark Dispute With Jus' Mac Restaurant

Houston macaroni and cheese joint Jus' Mac has found itself embroiled in a trademark dispute with McDonald's since the word Mac is similar to some of McDonald's products, such as the Big Mac.

Jus’ Mac owner Kimberly Alvarez filed a trademark application for Jus' Mac in October 2010 and has since amended the trademark to include "A Mac N' Cheese Eatery," to hopefully avoid any confusion with McDonald's. The parties are attempting to reach a compromise, but Alvarez admits she's in no position to challenge the enormous chain.

In an email message to the Houston Chronicle, McDonald's spokeswoman Angelica Rosas said, "McDonald's considers its trademarks to be a very important asset. We hope to find a mutually acceptable resolution to this matter."

This is far from the first time that a small company has found itself in a trademark battle. See some other food trademark issues below:

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