McDonald's Transparency Campaign Continues With Questions You Never Thought The Chain Would Answer

Questions You Never Thought McDonald's Would Answer

McDonald's Canada has tried to get all transparent these past few months. Remember the video that shows how the company styles a burger for a photo shoot? In another installment, the executive chef "revealed" how to make Big Mac sauce at home.

Along with these videos, the fast food chain has launched a website called "Our Food. Your Questions." A press release claims that the site "promotes radical transparency using the same channels that perpetuated negative myths about McDonald’s food quality." The site has received over 5,000 questions and has a dedicated 10-member "social media response team" to answer the questions through text, photos and video.

While we can commend McDonald's for its transparency, clearly the team's responses are carefully crafted. That being said, the company is willing to respond to pretty much anything it seems, even if the questions have horrible spelling or grammar, or are completely absurd.

The site goes on for awhile, so if you're curious about the inner working of McDonald's and its media response team, we highly recommend you take a look. We've compiled some of the bolder questions and answers in the slideshow below.


Questions You Never Thought McDonald's Would Answer

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