McDonalds Sued After Worker Spits On Customer

From bones in burgers to beef french fries, McDonalds has faced its fair share of product-related lawsuits over the years. But a recent case brought by a Chicago customer suggests that some of the company's employees may have an attitude problem, as well.

In a suit filed Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court, Sarah Thienes alleges that, while ordering from the drive-thru early one morning, a Golden Arches worker denied her a cheeseburger in an "aggressive and unfriendly tone" because only the breakfast menu was available. She changed her request to a bagel sandwich with ham, and said staffer replied in an equally hostile manner that she could only have bacon.

Thienes was then greeted by a nasty surprise when she pulled up to the drive-thru window: The disgruntled employee stuck his head outside, screamed, and spat right in her face.

Claiming she endured "injury, embarrassment, and humiliation," Thienes is suing the fast food behemoth for unspecified monetary damages.

The supposed incident occurred at the location on 23 N. Western Avenue last December. A spokesman for the franchise said he was aware of the lawsuit but "these are just allegations."