The McGhee Sextuplets Work Out With Mom And Dad On '6 Little McGhees' (VIDEO)

When season three of "Six Little McGhees" began, sextuplet parents Mia and Rozonno McGhee vowed to make an effort to live a healthier lifestyle. To follow through, personal trainer Sid heads to the McGhee's home in Columbus, Ohio -- but in the above clip from the episode, it's clear the couple's workout is being overrun by their 2 year olds.

"The kids are mimicking us and crawling all over us," Mia says. "It makes it so difficult to work out."

To keep the kids happy, Sid begins to incorporate them into the workout. He has Mia and Rozonno use their toddlers as weights and lets the kids join in on jumping jacks and mountain climbers.

"See, they think they're playing," Sid says. "Everybody join in. They're exercising, too."

"To see the kids smile and happy and want to work out, it's benefiting all of us," Rozonno says.

And working out together, Mia realizes, has double benefits. "We're wearing them out in the process," she says.

"Having six kids, there's no excuse not to work out," she says. "If there's a will, there is a way."

"6 Little McGhees" airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.