McKinney School District Denies Removing Bathroom Doors To Prevent Students From Having Sex (VIDEO)

Texas High School Denies Removing Bathroom Doors To Stop Students From Having Sex

Students at a high school in McKinney, Texas would like just a little bit more privacy and with good reason -- the doors to their bathrooms have been removed.

McKinney North High School students and their parents are outraged at the invasion of privacy, but school officials claim the doors to bathroom entrances were removed to "keep kids safe," reportsThe Daily Mail.

Rumors the doors were removed to prevent students from engaging in sex in the bathrooms have been circulating among the student body, but the school district claims that's not the case.

"We've had a dialog about removing the doors from the restrooms for a couple of years," McKinney Independent School District spokesman, Cody Cunningham told "The students felt like the reason we were removing them was because of some inappropriate sexual behavior in the restrooms, but that couldn't be further from the truth."

The decision to remove the doors happened around the same time that school officials spoke to students about inappropriate public displays of affection, but claim the two incidents are unrelated.

Parents and students are calling the move an invasion of privacy, but school argues that the students still have the privacy to use the facilities since there is no line of sight from the hallway into the bathrooms.

Cunningham told that restroom designs without exterior doors are becoming more common in new schools and in other locations such as airports.

"We have schools in the rest of our district that don't have doors on the restrooms so this isn't the first one," he said.

Still, this isn't the first time McKinney North has encountered controversy. In 2006, the members of the school's cheerleading squad, earned the reputation as real-life "Mean Girls," -- dubbed "the Fab Five," for skipping class, bullying their cheerleading coach and classmates and posting sexually suggestive photos of themselves on Myspace. The incident made national headlines and even inspired a Lifetime movie titled, "Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal."

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