Kate McKinnon's Creepy Kellyanne Conway Goes Fatal Attraction On 'SNL'

She will not be ignored by the press.

A smoldering anger, a knife, and a twisted Kellyanne Conway. The “Saturday Night Live” remake of the slasher/stalker movie “Fatal Attraction” with Kate McKinnon playing Donald Trump’s advisor isn’t pretty.

McKinnon’s Conway will not be ignored by the press.

The “SNL” skit opens with Beck Bennett as CNN’s Jake Tapper returning to his dark home late at night after barring Conway from his program because of “credibility issues,” only to find a ghoulish Kellyanne awaiting him in a negligee.

“Kellyanne, what the hell are you doing here?” Bennett’s frightened Tapper asks.

“I just want to be a part of the news, Jake,” she says menacingly. “What else was I supposed to do? You weren’t answering your calls. You changed your number. I’m not going to be ignored,” she adds, her voice slipping frighteningly out of register.

He explains, calmly, that she made up a massacre.

“Think of the clicks, Jake,” she pleads. “Don’t you see? I do this for you. I don’t do it for me. You need me.”

When he suggests a spot on Fareed Zakaria’s program, she snaps: “I have an office in the f―king White House.”

As McKinnon’s Kellyanne in desperation holds a knife his neck, the newsman agrees to let her appear again on CNN. In a macabre twist of fate she plunges out the window to her death — but resurrects. “But I do only have three lives left,” McKinnon intones. “See you in the news.”

The Conway impersonation made it three for three bull’s-eye performances by McKinnon. Besides the taped “Fatal Attraction” sketch, McKinnon also nailed impersonations of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) in a “Saturday Night Live” trifecta that the Trump administration isn’t likely to soon forget.

The Twitterverse was in thrall at #Kate McKinnon.