Kate McKinnon's Nancy 'Peloser' Has A Real Deal For Alec Baldwin's Shutdown On 'SNL'

When Alex Moffat's Chuck Schumer offers "Trump" "anything" he wants, McKinnon reminds him: "We're not doing that anymore."

Alec Baldwin was back as Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” in a spoof episode iof “Deal or No Deal” — bargaining to trade the government shutdown, which host Steve Harvey (Kenan Thompson) declared that Trump “owns.”

“Trump” — who’s playing the game to raise money for the charity “Habitat for Hannity” — seeks $5 billion for his border wall in the cold open and offers to release immigrant children from cages so “they’ll be free-range kids.”

Baldwin’s first pick for a possible deal? Nancy Pelosi, played by a creepy power-drunk alter ego of Kate McKinnon, whom Baldwin dings as Nancy “Peloser.”

And has she got a deal for Trump: ”$1 billion and you say, ‘Nancy’s my mommy,’” she tells Baldwin.

“Trump” doesn’t go for it. Then Alex Moffat’s Chuck Schumer offers “anything you want” — until McKinnon informs him: “We’re not doing that any more.”

Beck Bennett’s Mitch McConnell tries to hide behind his briefcase, and Leslie JonesMaxine Waters reminds “Trump” that she can subpoena his tax records. Baldwin mistakes Melissa Villaseñor’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Cardi B.

“Trump and the GOP are just terrified of me because I’m under 100 and I know how to use Instagram,” said Villaseñor .

Baldwin finally goes for a White Castle crave case filled with “hamberders” offered by a Clemson University representative played by Pete Davidson.

Check out the video above for more.