McMahon Gets Top New York Endorsements

In the final week before polls open, Rep. Michael McMahon, the Democrat seeking a second term in New York's 13th Congressional district, has raked in two endorsements from top New York leaders. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo both gave their support to the one-term Congressman, who's facing a tough fight against Republican Michael Grimm in Staten Island.

McMahon campaigns as someone with an "independent voice" in this traditionally Republican district. He voted against the health care reform bill, but he's criticized by the right for his "yay" vote on the 2009 stimulus package.

Cuomo, the Democrat front-runner in New York's gubernatorial race, made an appearance Sunday at McMahon's headquarters for a get-out-the-vote rally. According to The Staten Island Advance, "Cuomo hailed McMahon as a 'moderate' and 'centrist' who had gone against his own party's wishes in Congress."

Last week, McMahon picked up an endorsement from Bloomberg, who stumped with McMahon at three different stops on Wednesday. The New York Daily News reports that Bloomberg said McMahon is willing to "cross party lines to do what he thinks is right."

"He is not shy about defending New York City. During his term on Capitol Hill, Mike stood up to protect the financial services industry from regulations that would have crippled Wall Street, and in turn hurt our city."

The next day, Grimm was seen campaigning with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who long ago endorsed the Republican candidate. The pair greeted Staten Islanders at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal in Lower Manhattan on Thursday.

Grimm also received support last week from Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner, who released a statement praising the candidate:

"We need to win races like this one right here in New York's 13th Congressional District if we want to get our economy moving again and ensure that the American Dream is alive and well for our kids and grandkids. Michael Grimm will fight to stop the jobs-killing, debt-driven policies of the current administration and I am proud to give him my endorsement."