McQueen & Cadbury In Dispute Over Floating Woman Image (VIDEO)

McQueen & Cadbury In Dispute Over Floating Woman Image (VIDEO)

Alexander McQueen's label is contemplating suing Cadbury for producing a commercial that resembles one of the designer's iconic images, the Telegraph UK reports. The commercial for Cadbury's Flake bar features a woman floating and spinning in a long yellow dress. It's reminiscent of a hologram of Kate Moss projected on McQueen's Autumn/Winter 2006 Paris Fashion Week runway.

Both the Cadbury ad and the McQueen projection were directed by Baillie Walsh. A spokesperson for Cadbury said, "There was not a deliberate effort, but the director has a particular house style, it was his work which attracted us. It is the same director and it is his particular house style."

WATCH the Cadbury ad:

WATCH Kate Moss as a hologram at McQueen's show:

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