McRib's 2012 Debut Revealed By 'Advertising Age'

Brace yourself, McRib fans. Advertising Age obtained a McDonald's memo that revealed the timing for the next appearance of the famed McDonald's sandwich. The McRib should reappear the second half of December 2012. The ephemeral but extremely popular limited-time offering was originally slated for October 22 through November 11 but the timing was moved in hopes to strength a slower sales period. Last year, the McRib was available from October 24 through November 14.

The McRib has some serious fans, prompting McRib locator websites and detailed discussions of its ingredients. It also has its share of detractors, such as the Humane Society, which brought a lawsuit against Smithfield last year for its treatment of the pigs that are used for the McRib. In June, McDonald's announced it will phase out gestation crates within the next 10 years.

Ad Age also learned of some new McDonald's products including Fish McBites, which had previously appeared in test markets. McDonald's however wouldn't comment on any leaked information.



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