10 Shocking Statistics About Maternal And Child Health

We mark the milestones of our lives in years — birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays — years until one event and years since another. But for too many women and children around the world, those milestones will never happen.

Around the world, each day of every year is indelibly marked by the deaths of mothers and children whose lives are lost from causes that are entirely preventable. These deaths don’t number in the hundreds or even thousands, but in the millions. Every day, the lives of women are cut short, and for too many children, their lives never even have a chance to begin.

As heart-breaking and staggering as the numbers are, there is hope. Through the efforts of hundreds of partners around the world, year after year, more women and children are surviving. Progress is being made, and there is more to be done.

We invite you to view this slideshow for 10 facts that will change the way you think about one year.

10 Reasons Why Maternal & Child Health Matters

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This piece is part of a month-long series in partnership with Johnson & Johnson to highlight the successes and remaining opportunities in the Every Woman Every Child movement. With the aim of improving the lives of women and child around the world, EWEC was launched by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in 2010 to accelerate progress against the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). To learn more, click here.