Me Look Pretty One Day: In Defense of the Selfie

Some cultures think that a photograph steals your soul. Well, I just want to point out that this is not only technologically impossible, it's super impossible if you take a selfie.

I know what you are thinking, that selfies are annoying. Do I have news for you!

A lot of negative things have been said about the selfie, stuff like that it feeds a culture of belly button gazing and narcism but I bet you never thought about the fact that some of us are not as photogenic as others and some of us have suffered for years from being badly photographed when we were not ready because we were maybe enjoying some of the french onion dip or did not have time to assume the head down, chin up, hip forward, hold breath pose.

Everybody has a bad side. Some of us just have more than others.

For us, the selfie means freedom, it means self-acceptance, it means look at me now, KELLY!

In the before times, we'd have to wait sometimes years for a random photograph taken at some picnic that was just okay, making our social media profiles extremely outdated. Or we paid a professional photographer for family holiday photos and got maybe 1/50 odds. But this was an expensive way to achieve "okay" results and I never wear my makeup like that or stand in front of a turkey farm in real life anyway.

Now all that is behind us. We can point and shoot at ourselves all day long with total control over the outcome. Fat chin? Delete. Add filter. Delete. Bad angle, one eye closed? DELETE DELETE DELETE. Goodbye public humiliation, hello cropped me with a kind of inexplicable vintage look that pretty much sums up my mood right now because that's how I roll - SUSAN!

Now all my photographs make me look like freaking Ava Gardner, maybe a little blurry, like right after she got out of bed which is pretty glamorous if you ask me.

But setting that vain stuff aside, because I don't really care - selfies are a way for us to document our lives, you guys! But not like boring home movies from before, with birthday parties and stuff, I just want to show you that, you know, this is what I had for lunch. Or that this is how I look on my Amaro, Mayfair or Walden instagram filter, right after you texted me that hilarious thing - KOOKY FACE!

Everybody deserves to look pretty and some of us cannot afford this "photoshop" deal - KIM KARDASHIAN!

I for one love selfies - they are here to stay, and while I still sometimes disappoint people when they meet me in person, I have never looked so good on my Facebook.