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Did you know that the first photographic selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839? Did you know that 268,057,136 instagram photos bear the hashtag #selfie to date? Most selfies taken in one hour- 657.
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The Selfie Revolution

Did you know that the first photographic selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839? Did you know that 268,057,136 instagram photos bear the hashtag #selfie to date? Most selfies taken in one hour- 657. Most retweeted selfie: that of Ellen DeGeneres. Highest price ever paid for a photograph - was for a selfie: $3.9 million at Christies for a Cindy Sherman print (well deserved, I might add- she is genius). Which city boasts most selfies taken: Makati City, Philippines --- followed by NYC. Selfie became an official word in the Oxford and Merriam Webster Dictionaries last year. You might have guessed that women take more selfies than men... until age 40- then it reverses. Over the holidays, we decided to conduct a poll to get a cross-section of public viewpoint on selfies. While most reactions were generationally predictable, there were a few surprises. Needless to say, the question sparked great conversations, and there was no shortage of opinion. Here is a sampling:

"Well, there is the selfish selfie publicizing the photographer in contrast with the selfie emphasizing an object other than the photographer. Big difference between the two- one amusing, the other not so much." -Jamie, 45

"Selfies indicate a society increasingly narcissistic." -Michael, 90


"I think if you're in your 20's and look like a Kardashian they look amazing, but I see very few selfies that look actually do look amazing"- Gena, 41

"I don't mind selfies, so long as people don't post 500 of them a day." -Mike, 25


"Selfies aren't empowering. They're a cry for help." -Erin, 28

"People want to know where I am and who I am with, especially when I look good. It's like a humble brag." -Laurie, 54


"I think selfies are fine as long as they are not eyesores." -Ned, 39

"Selfies are the new mode self-expression" -Victoria, 16


"I'm totally okay with people expressing their happiness in form of selfie. But to be honest, I am totally disgusted with the improper use of selfies by brands." -Caroline, 47

"Selfies have destroyed the art of portrait photography"-Daniel, 36


"When I look good the world needs to know it." - Jessica, 19

"If I want to know where you are, I will text you and ask you. Enough of this duck-face selfie stuff." -Alex, 51


"Personally, I think they are a little douchey, but if people want to take them, be my guest." -John, 34

"I love selfies. That's how my friends keep up with me." -Jenny, 13


"I think seeing others' selfies is quite revealing. Because the pictures they upload are the ones they think make them look awesome and should be praised. They aren't always right, and people have fun with that." -Avery, 25

"Enough about me, here's another photo of ME" - Ann, 47

"Young people. Dangerous business." -Victor, 78


"Posting selfies is an empowering act because it allows you to control your online image. I am shy about photos of myself, so I like having the power to choose how I look, even if I'm making a funny face or want to let somebody know I am upset with them, or doing fine without them." -Allison, 22

"Selfies are fueled by the real problem, which is narcissism." -Charles, 56

"Selfies, when cleverly done, can be absolutely brilliant. Don't rule them out..." -Nigel, 35

"Selfies are not conceited. Despite what you as an individual may think, try taking a selfie today. You will look great and feel great, and the likes you get will empower you. This is why people love to express themselves through photos." -Stephanie, 23

OK, now it's your turn. I want to hear YOUR thoughts on selfies:

Do you like them?

Are they here to stay?

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