"Me Too" Means We Have Work To Do

"Me Too" Means We Have Work To Do
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I know more women who were sexually assaulted or harassed than weren't. I think this is normal. That in itself is problematic.

When men say, "I couldn't help myself," it is not a testament of our beauty. It's a declaration of their lack of discipline and self - control. It's not a compliment. It's a cry for help. Get some.

Remember all of the hurt FEELINGS about the article that compared Black men to White people? Remember how the article never violated anyone's humanity, physically attacked, or compromised anyone's professional or personal position like sexual abuse does? Remember how very few took accountability for their own previous actions or those of their peers? Remember how fewer were even willing to listen and self - reflect? Compare the number of those offended by that article with the number of women posting "Me Too." The numbers just don't add up. If you can't draw this correlation, you're part of the problem.

The statistics always report it from the perspective of the victim. This completely removes the accountability from the culprit. It publicizes the trauma while sheltering its cause.

If one in three women and one in six men have been or will be assaulted, then what could be inferred about the statistic of abusers? Chances are you know/are both.

All of this means, we must continue having the hard conversations. Feelings be damned. We must hold each other accountable. Egos be damned. We must reconcile and release ourselves from the bondage of impunity and repression. Pain be damned. We must seek professional help. Stigmas be damned. We have work to do, and the work requires our united recognition of this societal and generational illness. It requires us to SPEAK. Comfortable silence and ignorance be damned.

Oh, and me too.

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