Me Too- Now What?

Me Too- Now What?
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This might not be a popular opinion on this, but as good intentioned as this #metoo campaign is, it’s just words without action.

TRUST ME, the attention and conversation it is causing is important. It makes women feel less alone and more empowered to do something.


No, I am not just talking to women- although I see you and stand with you.

But just as posting “thoughts and prayers” after a tragedy doesn’t do anything to feed the starving and shelter the houseless and take the guns out of the hands of people who don’t know anything but their use to destroy life, #metoo is just words without actions.

I hope your wall and pages were flooded with stories and sharing of people in your lives who were brave enough to speak up or be an ally to others. I’m disheartened that your page and walls are filled with these people you know because one story of this nature is one too many. I hope it angers you that we turn a blind eye and keep letting victims be forced to face the fear of justifying what they wore, how much they drank, or their past dictate whether they “asked for it” or are credible yet the accused simply be famous or have money or be A MALE.

Why not use this remarkable movement to switch the conversation from far too many survivors sharing accounts of harrowing experiences no one ever should endure, to one of forcing people to be accountable, rather than making a survivor be credible and justify themselves. How about, “ I believe you.” ?

So do something. Don’t turn a blind eye to everything going on in this world. DO SOMETHING to be an ally. Do something that makes this more than a trendy social campaign or a week worth of a trending hashtag. DO SOMETHING to stop this shit. Please.

(If you or someone you know needs help dealing with a sexual assault, Call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at (800) 656-HOPE—your call is free and is anonymous and confidential.)

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