Me vs. Fibromyalgia: Part 14 -- Proof to Convince a Non-Believer

For those of you that are going through this, first and foremost, I am here for you.
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I must say, the fact that I feel the need to write this post after having Fibromyalgia for nine years bothers me, A LOT. In 2012, Fibro was recognized as a permanent disability and in 2015, it was recognized by Healthcare providers. Yet, in my ten month journey of writing this blog, I have met hundreds of women and men whose doctors, family, loved ones and employers still don't believe their condition and think they are "lazy, crazy, making it up, or frankly, just full of crap."

So, for those of you that are going through this, first and foremost, I am here for you. Second, I've laid out some things you can do to get proof of your condition and share with those non-believers who are making you feel worse than you already feel. Let's put an end to this once and for all.

  1. A good rheumatologist is a MUST

  • Your GOOD rheumatologist will be able to start your Fibromyalgia diagnosis by testing you with the "tender point" test (see image)2017-01-26-1485460801-8827122-Tender_points.png
  • image source

  • Bring your closest loved one(s) INTO the exam room so they can see your pain (literally), while the doctor pokes and prods at the most excruciating parts of your body.

  • Yes, you will have blood drawn and yes, you will be bruised for a few days, it's worth it. What is the doc looking for? Vitamin deficiencies, Sjorens, thyroid issues, diabetes and the rest of a large work up of labs.

  • When you go back to the doc for results, again, bring your loved one into the exam room. He/She is now going to hear from a third party that there is an additional way to prove that you have Fibromyalgia.

  • Please read this article by the founder of the Spoon Theory. Why? Because that's what you are now, a "spoonie."

  • Print this article and put it on your fridge. 25 Things People Without Fibromyalgia Should Know About People With Fibromyalgia

  • Though Fibromyalgia is an invisible disability, there are ways to see it. Take pictures of yourself on your best days and worst days and ask the non-believer if they can see the difference in your pain levels
  • 2017-01-26-1485461481-8171314-sidebyside.JPG

    Even after all of this, some people just won't accept that Fibro is real. Instead of tiring ourselves out trying to convince them, we need to keep the focus on taking good care of ourselves.

    Lucky for us, there's no shortage of Spoonie support groups. Social media is an amazing asset when you need some positive vibes or questions answered. Remember, you are never alone, there's an army of Fibro warriors just waiting for you to reach out!

    "Me vs. Fibromyalgia" is a biweekly, one-of-a-kind series designed to give readers and warriors affected by Fibromyalgia a comprehensive look into the facts of the disease and the story of a driven, high-achieving business woman who wouldn't take no for an answer. I've chronicled eight years of experience with Fibro including chronic pain and fatigue, low energy, doctors, relationships and more, and hope to offer answers and support to those who seek them.

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. All information presented should be regarded as friendly advice and opinions based on my own experience and research. I am not making an attempt to prescribe any medical treatment and the information contained in this blog is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or qualified health practitioner.

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