Meagan Baker, High School Senior, Brings Ben Bunker, Wheelchair-Bound Senior To Prom

Ben Bunker had never been to a school dance.

The Foothill High School senior suffers from a spinal cord tumor and navigates his away around the halls in a wheelchair, reports.

But went Bunker met a trail of flower petals that led to classmate Meagan Baker who was kneeling on one knee, asking for him to be her date, he was blown away.

"I was glad I was able to go to prom,” Bunker told the news source, “I mean. you know, it was my senior year.”

Baker, too, was relieved he had said yes. The two didn't know each other well.

"It was a big deal for me actually, like I was really excited that I would be able take somebody that probably wouldn't have normally been asked to go," Baker told LVRJ.

But Bunker wasn’t the only student with special needs to had his dreams for the big night come true. With the help of Rae McAnlis, the special education facilitator at Foothill High School, other seniors made sure to pair up with those who live with physical and mental disabilities for the monumental event, LVRJ reports.

She hopes her experience won't just serve as a one-time feel good story, but might develop into tradition at Foothill High School.

"I kind of hope that this will become an annual thing, you know, not just this year, but for the future," Baker said.

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