Meagan Farrell, Mike Farrell Say Chase Froze Account Without Explanation (WATCH)

They say breaking up with banks is hard to do. But it probably won't be too difficult for Meagan and Mike Farrell, after an allegedly unnecessary roller coaster ride with Chase.

The couple, who long had checking, savings and retirement accounts with the bank, received a notice in late August informing them their accounts would be closed in 10 days, without explanation and in spite of having sufficient funds, according to King 5.

Chase's unexplained notice wasn't just a wrongly mailed letter. The next day at the bank, the Farrells found their accounts had already been frozen, and the manager couldn't explain what prompted the decision, The Consumerist reports.

Then, without explanation, the bank miraculously unfroze their accounts. As for an apology, Chase told King 5: "We apologized... for the confusing communication. At her request, we've reviewed her account, re-opened it [them] and will reimburse her for any fees she incurred."

This isn't the first public relations nightmare for Chase this year. In July, it was reported that the banks had had a man jailed over a check they believed to be a fake. The problem? They had issued it themselves.

And Chase isn't the only big bank guilty of a customer mishap. It was also reported in July that Bank of America accidentally deposited $30,000 worth of Social Security payments in the wrong person's account. Yet it was the woman who wrongly received and spent the money that was sentenced, the Los Angeles Times then reported.

Similarly perplexing is Bank of America recently threatening a man with foreclosure for failing to pay an overdue balance of, yes, $0.00. And just this month, a recently-widowed woman accused BoFA of of calling her up to 45 times a day to receive a mortgage payment. The woman later sued.

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