Hot Dudes Spoof 'Mean Girls' In Support Of Hillary Clinton

Because they can't have "an orange-faced TV star" as their president.

The iconic four-way phone call scene from “Mean Girls” just got a cheeky, all-male redux in support of Hillary Clinton

Alex Mohajer, Adrian Anchondo, Rance Collins and Daniel O’Reilly, who are active members of the pro-Clinton advocacy group, Bros4Hillary, teamed up with director Marc Saltarelli to create the “Mean Bros” clip, which was released Monday. “Mean Girls” fans will note specific nods to the dialogue from the original 2004 film ― really, though, who doesn’t know this movie by heart?

Mohajer, who is Bros4Hillary’s political director, told The Huffington Post that he and his writing partner Daniel Fusselman aimed to create a “funny and buzzworthy” video that reminded voters that like Regina George, a Donald Trump presidency could ruin people’s lives.  

“I’m a millennial... and LGBT, [and] I was particularly miffed at being told my demo didn’t support her,” Mohajer, who is a government advocate by day, said. “Phone banking has been a central focus of our partnership with Hillary for America, and the idea to do a spoof of the phone call scene in ‘Mean Girls’ just sort of organically popped up in creative conversations.” 

The guys may not be able to make “fetch” happen, but fingers crossed their video will lead to a different outcome for their candidate of choice. 

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