'Mean Girls' GIFS: Fashion Lessons From Our Favorite Teen Movie (GIFS)

GIFS: The 'Mean Girls' Guide To Getting Dressed

Today is a special day in the collective heart of HuffPost Style, as it is the birthday of our beloved "Mean Girls." Today, the classic teen movie turns nine years old (practically double digits!), prompting lots of nostalgia around these parts.

With that nostalgia comes an appreciation for the lessons we learned, as "Mean Girls" taught us much about fashion, beauty and getting dressed in general.

Below, a look back at the fashion do's and dont's garnered from Tina Fey's cinematic masterpiece.

DO: Choose the right bra.

DO: Take your best assets into consideration.

DON'T: Be jealous when you see a girl who's dressed better than you.

DO: Dress based on your mood.

DON'T: Buy the size you want to be, rather than the size you are.

DO: Layer. Always layer.

DON'T: Overload on the accessories.

DO: Work what your mama gave you.

DON'T: Wear something that requires explanation.

DO: Forgive yourself for past fashion mistakes.

DON'T: Divulge your beauty secrets.

DO: Pick your outfits savvily if you're trying to blend in.

DON'T: "Borrow" clothes from your friends and never give them back.

DO: Accept compliments. But...

DON'T: Assume that everyone is as big a fan of your fashion sense as you are.

DO: Take style inspiration from your friends.

DON'T: Let anyone cramp your style.

DO: Get to know what looks good on you.

DON'T: Be afraid to showcase your skills (sartorial and otherwise).

DO: Go with your gut.

DON'T: Fall into a fashion rut.

DO: Remember to be generous with your own fashion critiques.

DO: Wear everything with complete and utter confidence.

Any lessons we missed? Let us know in the comments -- we'll check back later, after we're done with our annual "Mean Girls" viewing party.

Those were the days...


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