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Why Are We Here?

Your time is now. Your place is here. It's up to you to figure out why you were chosen to be here, right where you are right now, and where you go from here.
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The world has gone insane! Japan's tsunami and earthquake moved the island nation seven inches, an NYC mayoral candidate doesn't sext his pregnant wife but seems to have sexted every other woman in the Big Apple, a Los Angeles freeway is about to close in the middle of summer and a young mother is accused of pre-meditated murder in the death of her pre-schooler.

What is going on? What gives? Why are we here? Do you ever wonder just that? You could have been a Roman gladiator in a heavy-metal fighter's outfit fighting for your life had you been alive in ancient times. You could have been a Southern belle perched under a parasol at the turn of the century trying to keep the sun from freckling your peaches-and-cream complexion. But you are neither. You are here now. I can't address the insanity above but I believe that these tragedies are not the norm. But wait! Right now, I see miracles happening.

Everywhere you look people are connecting on their phones and computers, and they are making good things happen. They are creating websites, combining them, creating content and communicating this content, and why? Because they are reaching out in a need to touch one another in heart, mind and spirit. We need each other, and the information and technology being shared is transformational! Could this shrinking, touching world be powerful enough to end war?

I suspect each of you is supposed to be part of this big cosmic mish-mash in which we live, work, survive and thrive. Your time is now. Your place is here. It's up to you to figure out why you were chosen to be here, right where you are right now, and where you go from here. Live completely in your quest to realize your highest purpose and, of course, there will be cycles of success and despair because this is what is called life. To put it another way, there will be a banana peel or two you slip on as you slide down double rainbows.

Where you are in your life determines your next step. Sitting quietly is always good while you ask yourself some key questions:

  1. What is my gift?
  2. Am I using it?
  3. If so, to its greatest good?
  4. If not, why not?
  5. How can I start to apply it from where I am in my life?
  6. When and where can I look for results?

Then put the pedal to the metal with a joy that fuels itself! And seek support from friends and family and share your hopes and goals.

Give your gift its own mantra. Let's say you are able to process current events and see the comedy strain in them. So, when you are stocking grocery store shelves, performing at the comedy clubs at night and hoping for your big break to become the next Bill Maher, and the boss gives you grief because the labels are not aligned perfectly, you recite your mantra to center yourself. Your mantra could be: Dan Quayle laid really big eggs.

I think of Japan, how they are now forced to use their gifts to rebuild, and are doing so at lightning speeds and are moving like crazy with a quiet strength. I think of all the amazing fundraising here for the victims there. I think of all the good and decent people in the world and wonder why we are all here at the same time. And again, I offer, its because we're supposed to be. Maybe we will one day exist in harmony. It's not hard to imagine. Not if we all use our gifts constructively and to their highest purpose, which is how gifts should be used!

So, take joy in the knowledge that you and all of us are here for a reason. Good luck making your passion happen! And feel deeply, love completely, and give tirelessly!