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Mark Ryden's Meat Dress Covers 'Juxtapoz' Mag: Creepy Or Cool? (PHOTOS)


Is that Lady Gaga as a kid? No, it's a different blonde girl wearing a meat dress, and don't worry, PETA: this one's just an illustration.

Artist Mark Ryden created the painting, called "Incarnation," back in 2009 -- yep, pre-Gaga -- as part of an art show called "The Gay 90's: Old Time Art Show." This month, the illustration of a young, angelic blonde girl bedecked in sausages and slabs of beef is making the cover of art 'zine Juxtapoz totally creepy-cool.

Ryden's other art, which you can see at Design Scene, features the same surrealist images. Our fave? Abraham Lincoln wielding a knife and manning a butcher's counter.

As for Lady Gaga's famous protein-packed gown from the 2010 VMAs, we assume it's still safely taxidermied behind glass at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

See the cover below (and Gaga wearing the more 3-D meat dress), and be sure to check out Mark's other stunning work at Design Scene.

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