D.C.'s Meat-Free Week 2013 Gives Vegans A Chance To Celebrate

Meat-Free Week Is Nigh, And Delicious

WASHINGTON -- After Meat Week, both vegetarians and carnivores may want a cleanse. D.C.'s 4th annual Meat-Free Week is here for you.

From Feb. 4-11, restaurants and other venues around the city will be hosting veg-friendly meals, parties and cooking demonstrations. Check out the schedule on the Meat-Free Week website. Highlights include the kick-off party at Sticky Fingers Bakery and a vegan pop-up dinner at gallery 410 GooDBuddY.

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Sticky Fingers

Meat-Free Week 2013 Schedule

Meat-Free Week was started four years ago, as a response to D.C's first Meat Week. Amber McDonald, a vegan and a foodie, threw together a week long celebration of local, meat-free food.

"It struck me as fun to have an entire week dedicated to enjoying local restaurants and I wanted a week I could participate in," McDonald tells The Huffington Post. "I contacted a few people and we managed to pull together the first Meat-Free Week in less than 3 days."

Meat-lovers, don't worry -- you're not going to be asked to convert. Just take a bite.

"Meat-Free Week highlights some of the best vegan food that D.C. has to offer. We aim to have fun while challenging people to try something new," says McDonald.

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Vegan Cooking Class At Whole Foods Foggy Bottom With Chef Michael Giacomello

DC Meat Free Week 2012

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