Watch Meat Loaf's Most Bonkers Unscripted Moments

The "Bat out of Hell" singer and actor was a performer offstage as well.

Meat Loaf, the “Bat Out Of Hell” singer who died Thursday, is being celebrated as an entertainer. But he was also quite a character offstage.

Check out these often bonkers, sometimes sweet moments, beginning with the rock legend indulging a prankster interviewer by singing his responses. In answering a query about what’s going on backstage, the rock star crooned, “I’m trying to get laid.”

Meat Loaf went full-opera in singing “America the Beautiful” on the campaign trail with Mitt Romney, then belted out the tune like a preacher. Romney seemed amused?

Reality TV fans will never forget a ferocious Meat Loaf screaming at actor Gary Busey on “Celebrity Apprentice” for allegedly stealing his paint.

Here’s Meat Loaf having a full conversation with TV hosts about a bird that startled him while being interviewed on “London Tonight.”

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