Meat Vending Machine Unveiled At Alabama Convenience Store

Steak Vending Machine Dispenses Affordable And Convenient Meat

Meat lovers, forget the long wait at the butcher. Now you can buy everything from New York strip steaks to juicy pork chops out of a vending machine.

Dubbed 'the Smart Butcher', the concept was first introduced last month at a Lil Mart convenience store in Odenville, Alabama, reports CBS News 42.

The refrigerated vending machine sells a wide variety of meat for no more than $6 a piece and accepts cash, debit and credit cards, notes

Customers, enticed by the competitive rates, have been buying between 10 and 20 pieces of meat per day, store manager Amir Sagani said in an interview with CBS News 42.

There's only one machine on the market for now. But owners Chase Evans and Rob Harrison, the two Alabama businessmen who came up with the unusual meat dispensing idea, told the Birmingham News that they're planning to expand if the concept takes off.

Though the vending machines are refrigerated, Treehugger points out there could be some potential health and safety concerns. But according to the Birmingham News, to combat those challenges, Harrison's phone receives a message every time a sale is made and he's alerted when the machine needs to be restocked.

This isn't the first time meat has been sold in this fashion. Last year live Shanghai Hairy crabs were reportedly sold out of vending machines in China.

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