Meat Loaf's Epic 'Celebrity Apprentice' Meltdown At Gary Busey (VIDEO)

Meat Loaf will do anything for love -- but he wouldn't share his art supplies. That, he most definitely won't do.

You see, he bought "those motherf**king sponges!"

The rocker launched into one of the all-time greatest reality TV meltdowns during Sunday night's episode of "Celebrity Apprentice," going after fellow contestant Gary Busey for allegedly stealing his art supplies.

"You look in my eyes, I am the last person in the f*****g world you ever f*****g want to f**k with!" Meat Loaf roared like a bat out of hell at a stone faced Busey, enraging the singer to the point that it required the heroics of Lil John and Mark McGrath to hold him back.


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