Meatpacking District Steakhouse Makes Its Own Lady Gaga Dress for $100,000

Old Homestead Steakhouse has created its own version of Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress and is looking to sell the piece for $100,000.

The Daily News recently visited the Homestead to video its butchers designing the dress. Waitress Mery Lopez donned 112 pounds of quality ribeye and porterhouse and strutted in front of the store to showcase the steakhouse's goods. On the dress, she had this to say: "It's heavy, and greasy, and gross."

Marc Sherry, the owner of Homestead, was inspired into meat couture because he had beef with Gaga's dress, calling it "very tacky."

"The designer Frank Hernandez, he put no thought into it," said Sherry. "And I wanted it to be just not a cheap skirt steak, I wanted it to be just a cut above."