Medhat Mamdouh's Beatboxing Recorder Just Blew Our Minds

Two words: circular breathing.

Meet Medhat Mamdouh. He's a 22-year-old hip hop and dubstep recorder player from Cairo, Egypt. With this video, he just revolutionized the way we think about the instrument:

It's a style that Mamdouh began teaching himself at the age of 14, according to his official Facebook page. More samples of his work can be found on his Soundcloud page and YouTube channel.

Many people in the U.S. likely know the recorder as the plastic instrument that was forced on them in middle school, then promptly ignored following an atonal struggle through "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

It likely did not sound good. In fact, it probably sounded worse than this:

Mamdouh, by contrast, breathes new life into the instrument by beat-boxing over the melody.

Check out this dubstep breakdown:

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