Media Faulted for Lack of "Jon and Kate" Coverage

The mainstream media came under fire today for having dropped the ball in their scant coverage of the reality TV series.
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The mainstream media came under fire today as attendees at a major journalism conference concluded that media outlets have dropped the ball in their scant coverage of the reality TV series Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

The conference, held at the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism, was convened to discuss the responsibility of the media to cover the most important issues of our time, but it soon turned into a free-for-all of criticism directed at media organizations who have failed to adequately cover the "Jon and Kate" story.

"You open the New York Times, and what do you see?" said Davis Logsdon, Dean of Minnesota's journalism school. "Kim Jong-Il, Sonia Sotomayor -- but not a word about Jon and Kate."

Mr. Logsdon said that if the media continued to ignore important stories like Jon and Kate, "they will continue their slide into irrelevance."

Tracy Klugian, who heads the Center for Reality Show Media Studies, said that the media are leaving major questions unanswered: "Is Jon really having a fling with the 23-year-old schoolteacher? And what about Kate and the bodyguard? The American people look to the media to investigate these issues, and the fact that they haven't done their job is a scandal."

Among the media outlets scrutinized at the conference, only US magazine remained unscathed, as conferees praised it for its dedication to the "Jon and Kate" story.

"Us magazine has been on top of 'Jon and Kate' from the very beginning," Mr. Logsdon said. "But they can't do it alone."

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