Media Matters

Los Angeles: The superficial news media, in particular but not entirely the broadcast elements, ought to be placed on the carpet for its incessant coverage of Donald Trump and its hyping every story with an excitable voice as if the world was coming to an end. Let's be realistic. In my opinion, based on 65 or more years in journalism, covering wars and politics, the decision-makers have not exercised good judgment or demonstrated the will to use their money on behalf of the listening public. Take my word for it -- Trump is a loser and will be flunked by public opinion when the voters go to the polls in November. The broadcasters who allowed the charade to continue for the better part of the past years will be bathed in embarrassment. Their coverage of Trump, following the death of Nancy Reagan, is well known by the reporters who are still alive. They might still remember and have the courage to speak out snd say, "Wait a minute, just what kind of a governor was the man who held office in Sacramento when he sliced the budgets designed to treat or imprison the mentally-afflicted people, oftentimes right here in greater Los Angeles where thousands of troubled Americans were thrown into the streets and alleyways of Southern Californi​a.​"