MediaMatters Offers A Pictoral History Of The Fist Bump

MediaMatters continues to hilariously needle dim-bulb Fox News anchor E.D. Hill for her obtuse "terrorist fist-jab" comments, using this amazing new technology called "a Google" to provide the material for a large image gallery documenting just how mainstream the tradition of "fist-bumping" is in America. The gallery includes many instances of "fist-bumping" occurring as a part of baseball - widely known as the American Sport That America Has Been Waiting To Watch In America - as well as other settings, such as this image, in which a father is clearly training his daughter in the ways of Hezbollah-style opposition to Israel.

Naturally, while all the recent attention to fist-bumping is a welcome respite from Veepstakes mania, it leads one to worry - is a fist bump backlash in the offing? When you watch people like Mike Easley offering up dap, you can't help but wonder if the fist-bump is in danger of losing its counter-cultural cachet. In a week's time, if we find ourself facing a new reality in which fist-bumping is no longer cool, I think we'll look back at this instance of Dianne Feinstein and Kay Bailey Hutchison getting their pound on at the definitive time of death.