Medicine for the People

It was Monday morning and like most Monday's I'm rushing out my front door, slamming my green tea down and hoping into my car. To start the week of right I needed some morning Monday medicine. There is one band that does just that for me, you know the kind of music you play so loud that your speakers sound like they might crack. You roll up your windows as you drive to work as not to allow any precious sound to escape, and as you listen and sing along with the lyrics goosebumps creep over your forearms and then your eyes get all watery and a smile grows huge over your face. This is Nahko and Medicine for the People metaphorically and physically.

A band that's lyrics remind us how precious life is, how it is time to come out of our caves, that we are the ones we've been waiting for and our oh so painful, oh so thankful lives are for a greater purpose.

Let us be the light, to light the world in our own special humble way.


Grounded with Hawaiian roots they now spread their love across nations, you can find them in Ciudad Cortés, Costa Rica by February.