People Who Lived Through Medieval Times Ate Some Really Weird Food

We're all lucky to have been born in this day and age.

Our current food system often feels like it's in disarray, with talks of the obesity epidemic, the high levels of food waste and the ever-present worries about GMOs. It can feel dire at times, but then something comes along -- like this infographic of historical dishes from My Family Silver -- and we start to feel a little bit lucky to be born in this day and age and not, say, the Middle Ages.

Folks ate some really weird stuff back then. We're talking beaver's tail and roasted hedgehog weird. There was even one dish called The Helmeted Cock made up of a roasted capon riding a roasted pig. Seriously. See what else you were lucky enough to miss out on -- and thank your lucky stars that you are living and eating in the 21st century.

My Family Silver

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