Meditations on Nietzsche: Does Morality Require Religion?

Co-authored by Mitrah Elizabeth Avini

All right! Let us clench our Teeth! Let us open our Eyes and keep a
firm Hand on the Helm! We sail right over Morality, we crush, we
destroy perhaps the Remains of our own Morality by daring to make our
Voyage there - but what Matter are we! -Friedrich Nietzsche

The human individual is becoming more so, it appears. Her membership in churches and political organizations is elapsing even though outwardly she professes to belong and to participate. The inner workings of the life force within her have had a tendency for some time to jettison from the main mass and multiply like young cells to eventually create a separate being, independent and daring. The process has begun and the end is promising. The new human will follow only a single inner dictum, abide by only one rule: that no rule is binding if imposed from the outside, no force is compelling that has not received a blessing from the life force within. She will know that she is free and the master of her own destiny and yet she will also be painfully conscious of her alone-ness, the danger awaiting her at every step. She will no longer rely on a conscience leased from the authorities and repaired by the allotted experts. She will no longer seek the safety of the crowds, nor the warmth of the common beliefs. She will clench her teeth and keep her hands firmly on the helm. The barometers have already signaled the coming storm, she painfully reckons, but the voyage is only for the strong and the alternative is nothing but death.