This App Can Help You Fit Meditation Into Your Busy Schedule

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This app might be the solution to the stresses of the day.
This app might be the solution to the stresses of the day.

Practicing mindfulness can really improve your life, from eliminating stress to improving focus. But we all have a lot going on, and finding time to sit in a quiet room and meditate isn’t always an option.

MindFi Mindfulness is trying to change that by helping busy people fit mindfulness into their schedules — and you won’t even have to lock yourself in a quiet room to use it.

The app, which was created by meditation teachers and neuroscientists, offers four different mindfulness exercises based on the time of day and your specific needs.

Need a midday boost? MindFi will give you three-minute exercises to do with your eyes wide open. Need help quieting your mind after a long, stressful workday? There are 10-minute mindfulness courses on self-care, sleep and winding down. MindFi also has short breathing exercises if you need to calm down during your morning commute, plus a built-in Pomodoro timer to help increase your productivity.

While a lifetime subscription typically retails for $365, you can sign up right now for just $39.

MindFi Mindfulness: Lifetime Subscription - $39

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