HuffPost Meditation Center: What Is Meditation?


With today's introductory meditations from Donna D'Cruz, “conscious” entertainer, designer, performing artist and meditation instructor, we are launching the first of what will become a series of Huff Post online experience centers. Our goal with these experience centers is to provide you with Information, Inspiration and Experience to help you create the life you prefer rather than the one you might have settled for.

Meditations exist in all manner of forms and disciplines, ranging from simple relaxation to deeply spiritual practices. Our plan with the Huffington Post Meditation Center is to provide you with not only information and inspiration but with actual experience on a wide variety of meditation options that will allow you to find a meditation approach that works for you.

Join Donna today in the first of our Minute Meditations. You've all heard of the proverbial "New York minute," and so we are launching our Huff Post Meditation Center with meditations you can do in a minute. We're all pushed for time, but even the most crazed of us can find a minute!

Please do let us know what you think of the idea by leaving a comment here. We would also like to know what kinds of meditations you would like to see us offer in our Meditation Center. We're open to most anything, ranging from general stress and relaxation, to Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Islamic, Yogic, Transcendental, Jewish, Taoist, Mindfulness – well, you get the idea. What would you like to see and experience here?

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