Meditation For A Blessed Election

Meditation For A Blessed Election
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I started writing guided meditations more than ten years ago. As a health and wellness coach I write them for myself to prepare for important trips and events. I write them for friends who are having medical procedures. I help clients write them. And a while back, when this toxic election season was really beginning to affect my peace of mind, I decided to write one specifically about the election. I, like many other Americans of both parties, was having "Trump anxiety."

At the same time it's not just politics on my mind. I have been moved and saddened by the many police shootings and terrorist attacks during this difficult year, and kept wondering what I could do to make a difference. How could I use my gifts to help?

I was hesitant to share this publicly because anything related to politics brings down a rain of toxicity and hatred upon the writer and I didn't want to have that directed at me. After sharing it in my writers' group and seeing its impact on several listeners, I decided I would share it with my intention for the best possible outcome.

Feel free to take it and make it your own, changing the wording as needed to suit your worldview. I hold on to the hope that most Americans want to feel good about our democratic process and our country. I love the idea of people across the country reading versions of this every day, amplifying its effect in the world. I hold on to the belief that it will make a positive impact on our country in the coming months.

Meditation for a Blessed Election
Guide me in conversation today with others who disagree with me.

Let me come to those conversations with an open, loving heart.

Guide me as to what actions I should take today to help move our beautiful country forward, and give me clear direction on how to do so.

Help America live up to her inclusive ideals.

Pour out your healing on the racism that still divides our country.

Let hatred be a thing of the past.

Help retrain our police officers where needed, while keeping them safe on the job.

Help heal those communities torn apart by gun violence with real, tangible progress and real solutions.

Help those of us with any kind of privilege use it for healing and justice and the betterment of all.

Bless the candidates near and far. Bless those running for office who are motivated by service and the higher good.

Bless their intentions. Bless their staff members and volunteers.

Bring out their best selves as they campaign.

Surround them with protection to keep them safe.

I say a special prayer for Hillary today. May she be her best and highest self. May she be able to speak clearly today and communicate her best intentions.

May she uphold and live up to all the hopes and dreams of women everywhere. May she be a shining beacon of light around the world.

Protect her from the hatred that is directed at her, surrounding her with a circle of light and powerful protection that is physically represented by the Secret Service. Keep them safe in their jobs and diligent while on duty.

I lift up all the candidates, surrounding them with love, support, and my highest intention for the good of the United States.

Let those who have the country's highest good in mind, of either party, be blessed with an abundant flow of money, volunteers, and media support.

Let their supporters come forward in the hundreds of millions now and on November 8th. May we have the highest voter turnout in history.

May love trump hate.

May those people who will work together for the common good of our country and their constituents be elected in landslides.

May those people who have never spoken out before but feel moved, speak out.

May those who have never voted before register and vote on November 8th.

May those who have never done community organizing or volunteering sign up and get started.

May those who haven't voted recently but want to make the country better and more unified get out to vote.

Remove all obstacles for people to get out and vote.

I look forward to breathing an enormous sigh of relief on November 9th, knowing that the country will be in Hillary's steady, skilled, experienced hands, and that the legislative branch will be filled with people from both parties dedicated to getting to work together for their constituents, to compromise thoughtfully to move us forward.

Bless us all this day and keep us safe.

Stephanie Weaver, MPH, CWHC is a writer, health coach, and food blogger offering migraine-friendly recipes every week. Her book The Migraine Relief Plan will be published on February 14, 2017 by Agate Surrey. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to learn more.

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