A Meditation to Help You Fall Asleep or Go Back To Sleep If You Wake Up In the Middle of the Night

A Meditation to Help You Fall Asleep or Go Back To Sleep If You Wake Up In the Middle of the Night
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Here's a meditation created for The Sleep Revolution, read by my sister Agapi Stassinopolous (she sounds exactly like me!).


Meditation edited by Nick Offenberg.

Settle into a comfortable position. Take in a deep breath, and then, very gently and naturally, exhale and let go. Now take in another breath, and this time as you exhale, breathe away the day and any worries. Gently relax your jaw and take in another breath, this time exhaling away any concerns, upsets, and irritations. Just breathe them away.

Now relax more deeply and begin to breathe normally, observing the rising and falling of your breath. If a thought intrudes, just come back to your breath. Don't follow the thought, don't get caught up in the thought. Just return to your breathing--not forcing the breathing, just allowing it. It's as if you are being breathed. With each breath you take, you find yourself getting more and more relaxed, any tension dissolving away.

Be aware of the sensations in your back, your arms, your shoulders, your legs--all of them relaxing more deeply into the surface of your bed. No matter how relaxed you think you are, there is always a deeper place of relaxation.

As you continue to let go, you will find yourself relaxing more deeply with each inhale and exhale. In this state of relaxation, you are aware that the room you are in is filled with light. It's as if a pure white mist pervades it. This light surrounds you and fills you, for your highest good. Feel the protection and the warmth of this mist around you, and observe it as it changes color.

Right now, you see this white mist turn to a beautiful red, which brings you balance.

Now this red gently turns to a vibrant orange that fills you with an inner strength.

Take in another deep breath as it now turns a bright yellow. Surrounded by this yellow mist, you let go, relax, and attune to your deeper self.

The mist now turns to a soft, natural, healing green. If any part of your body or your consciousness needs heal- ing, let that part absorb this soft green healing color.

You find yourself relaxing even more deeply, smiling a very soft smile, for you know that all is well.

The green mist now turns to blue, signaling a spiritual attunement with your deeper self, the part of you that re- mains loving, peaceful, and joyful no matter what's going on. As this blue pervades the room and your consciousness, it strengthens the sense that all is well and every- thing is in its right and proper place.

Remain aware of the rising and falling of your breath as the mist gently turns to a rich purple that pervades the room, transmuting any negative thoughts and feelings. Be willing to release any disturbances into this purple and see them replaced by unconditional love.

Now the mist becomes a pure white light, comforting and relaxing you. You breathe in and out through your heart. You breathe in love, and you breathe out love. Continue to breathe this love in and out through your heart, and feel this energy of peace and calm, arc from your heart center into the center of your head. As you breathe in love and breathe out love, another arc begins to form from your heart into your belly, below your navel.

Your heart, your mind, and your whole body are now in harmony. All you need do is follow the rising and fall- ing of your breath, in and out, silently repeating the word "love," or "peace" or "joy"--whatever word works for you. It's as if you've become a finely tuned instrument, and the sound you're playing is one of pure harmony. As you continue to breathe in and out of your heart, you are aware of a deep centeredness, a peace and serenity that goes from your heart into infinity.

At this point, there is only love, only harmony and peace. As you follow this love, harmony and peace in and out of your heart, you are ready to relax into a deep, restful sleep where you regenerate, rejuvenate and renew yourself.

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