Meditation Helped This Woman Quit Smoking

Meditation Helped This Woman Quit Smoking

When it comes to curbing bad habits, training the brain is no easy task. It becomes even more challenging when the behavior change requires leaving an addictive substance behind.

However, mindfulness meditation can help. Writer Laura Harvey joined HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd today to discuss meditation and how it helped her kick her nicotine habit for good.

"It takes a lot of effort," said Harvey. "But I found, for me, what worked was when I really made a conscious effort to watch what my inner dialogue was. What was I telling myself? Was I telling myself I couldn't relax without a cigarette? When I started to really look at that inner dialogue, I was able to call it into question and challenge it and say, 'Those things aren't true.' When we stop for a moment and try to look at what's going on in our minds when we're having those cravings, we have the ability to take our power back."

For more on their conversation, watch the full HuffPost Live clip in the video above.

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