Meditation is the best mental health solution

Meditation is the best mental health solution
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Meditation can be considered a technique or practice of concentrating on an object, such as a flower, a candle, a sound or a word, or own breath and as a result the number of random thoughts diminishes and our mind become less clutter and more calm.

Regular practice of Meditation is not only the best possible proactive intervention but also the free solution for most mental health issues.

Mental impurities such as anger, anxiety, depression are examples of mental defilement which are having roots at the deeper level of mind like a sleeping volcano and modern days solutions are only temporary cure instead of a permanent solution.

As per the latest survey, one in three adults admitted they would be embarrassed to seek help related to mental health issue. Kate Middleton recently backs the campaign to raise awareness of t he issue which is a good step by the Duchess, however, not an effective solution.

For example, everybody knows that most crime happens when people lost the control of their mind and everybody understand that one shouldn’t be angry, however, when the anger starts at the deeper level of mind people don’t realize it and by the time it appears on surface level of our mind, it is too late and often people repent at a later stage.

Meditation which is a free practice, on the other hand, not only help to prevent almost every mental health issue but also helps in reduced blood pressure, lower pulse rate, and increased concentration levels. One can begin with just 10 min of mindful meditation every day to see the benefits.

Some of the benefits of Meditation:

(a) Meditation is good for the brain

According to scientists, there is evidence that suggests that meditation can boost parts of the brain and the immune system.

(b) Meditation for stress management

People started practicing meditation worldwide as a means to reduce stress or to help them with pain caused by various illnesses.

(c) Meditation can help maintain calm in any situation.

(d) Meditation develops intuition; a capacity to understand and foresee.

(e) Most of the diseases stem from the discord between mind, intellect and body. Meditation will bring your body, mind and intellect, into harmony and hence peace.

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