Meditation Techniques: 7 Unusual Practices

In deep thought, a woman walks a forest labyrinth
In deep thought, a woman walks a forest labyrinth

Although any practitioner can enjoy the considerable emotional and health benefits of meditation, no meditative practice is one-size-fits-all. Countless mind-body techniques have arisen to suit individual preferences. If you've been looking for a new type of practice, or you've been struggling with traditional forms of meditation, there are a number of lesser-known styles that may suit your needs. Perhaps imagining yourself in a peaceful garden will help to quiet racing thoughts, or focusing your gaze on a flame in front of you will restore a sense of inner calm.

All of us have different ways of clearing our minds and returning to our center: From deep, gutteral laughter (yes, that is a type of meditation) to pondering life's most head-scratching questions, these seven unusual meditation techniques could give your practice a boost -- and help you find your own path to enlightenment.

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De-Stress With 7 Unusual Meditation Techniques

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