Exploring the 8 R's of Meditation

Meditation is the discovery of that point of silence within, like a compass needle that guides us in the right direction at the right time. To become silent, to be still in the ocean of hectic, noisy action, is a choice many people are now making. When this is achieved, this stillness acts on the mind like oxygen, giving the breath to both understand and enrich life. Of course, action is a necessity, an expression of ourselves through time, relationships and the roles we play. However, if we do not sometimes stop and take a breath of silence, then the mind begins to suffocate, thoughts speed like bullet trains and the brain feels as if it is in a pressure cooker. Emotions erupt and react like volcanoes, the eyes become dizzy with mountains of information and the head feels like a rollercoaster. This is stress. The mind needs to come up for air, to leave the jungle of pressures, deadlines and speed and slow down and find the point of silence within.

Meditation is the method to find the point that recharges the mind with peace, clarity and balance.

We can define meditation as the eight "R's."

It is helpful if these eight R's are read slowly, giving time to ponder and gently experience that still point of peace within the self.

For each of the R's there is a brief explanation and then a short exercise, which can be repeated if one wishes to.

The 8 R's Of Meditation

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