Meep Meep


Spent the week directing a set of commercials for Time Warner. I've worked with the advertising agency a few times. I did some cool Walmart spots for them a little while back. Some of them are up on YouTube.

One of the writers, Chris Corley, actually came up with the jingle that Jason Bateman is writing for "Brunch Bowlz" in Juno. We've always joked amongst each other that if we ever started an ad agency, we'd call it "Grip" and thus the commercial script in Juno that Mark is working on is for the ad agency, GRIP.

In a perfect world, "grip" would come to replace words like "cool" and "awesome". So, if you ever want to tell me how much you liked Juno, just say, "It was totally grip!"

This particular campaign was fun. I had to direct one commercial in Spanish... Mind you, my Spanish is limited to "Muchos Gracias", "Uno chalupa", and "Sier Ney-Ney Ses-Ses Tadas Por Favor" - I believe it means remain seated please... You can't get on the Matterhorn at Disneyland without hearing it fifty times.

Directing a Spanish language commercial is fun. You just say action, cut, and give directions like faster, slower, and less eyebrows. The highlight of this campaign of course was working with Roadrunner... He obliged for the above photo.

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