Meerkat And Husky Are Unlikely BFFs, Will Make Your Heart Melt

These Unlikely BFFs Will Make You Swoon

We've seen some unlikely animal friendships over the years, but this one definitely ranks high on the list of more unusual pairings. Rostock Ritz posted this video shot in Namibia showing a meerkat and Siberian Husky named Bond getting along like the best of friends. Ritz writes about the background for the two coming together:

One of the Meerkats from our rehabilitation project finds our Siberian Husky, Bond, to be a very interesting guy, but makes sure to show him who is boss. Bond has an amazing character and has never harmed any of his little "friends". These meerkats are formed into families with other meerkats previously kept as pets, and are then released into the wild when they are ready.

Awwww... it's so nice to find out that this candidly cute moment has an altruistic endeavor behind it and a happy ending to look forward to for the meerkats.

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