Meet 19-Year Old Vine Star Behind 'Shopping While Black''

Vine user Rashid Polo posted a Vine that pulled millions of views overnight. We spoke to him about being a new Vine star, and the important message of his videos.

He never imagined that his videos would get that much attention. "It's overwhelming," Polo tells us. "But I appreciate the support and am happy that my videos are out there and that I got to shed a light on a sensitive topic."

When he made the first Vine, he only had 5 followers and did it just to get the store clerk back for following him around the store. He then made this one and woke up the next morning with millions of views all over the Internet.

He's received all different kinds of reactions. "You always have people who try to pick out the negative parts and try to make it something it's not," he told us. "It's a 6 second Vine clip to show people that shopping while black is real and happens every day."

People on the Internet also claimed that he was discriminated against because he was a teenager and not because of the color of his skin. "You can't think that just because someone is a teenager, that they're going to steal," Polo said. "I know people who get caught shoplifting in their 30s and 40s. You never know shoplifters just by looking at them. They don't have a face, race or age."

He hopes that his Vine will inspire others to speak up if they feel like something is not right. "Always voice your opinion," he told us. "You never know where it's going to take you or what's going to happen."