This Ridiculously Photogenic Bulldog Can Accessorize Like A Boss

Everyone, meet Boss.

The photogenic French bulldog is Europe's most popular animal on Instagram, according to The Local. With nearly 185,000 followers, he certainly lives up to his name.

Boss is 3 years old and lives in Sweden with his human where he enjoys minor notoriety and playing dress up.

"He acts like a celebrity," Olof Nilsson, Boss' owner, told the outlet. "He has something, that's for sure. And people who have photographed him tell me that they think he even poses in the pictures. Not for me though, I have to cheat the system and hold up a treat."

His Instagram account, Bossthefrenchbulldog, is a gold mine of adorable and hilarious pics that Milsson started after getting positive feedback to some photos he posted on Facebook. The pictures range from Boss out and about, to him posing in costume, to closeup dramatic portraits like the one above.

"I have only had two days where I haven't posted a picture since October 2012," Nilsson told HuffPost in an email. "I try to please and make everyone who follows Boss happy. Mainly the more happy I make them the happier I get."

The little dog is quite the little ham, striking a pose for the camera.

You can tell he isn't shy.

But his real talent lies in his ability to accessorize. Boss brings dog fashion to a whole new level.

Sometimes his choice of accessory is a little, um, unique ...

... but somehow make he always makes it work.

Boss certainly has many different looks but one thing is for sure -- he has a style all his own.

To keep up with Boss's constant acccesorizing, follow him on Instagram.

Correction: A previous version of this story misspelled Olof's name.



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