Meet Grace Mitchell

If there is one thing that the world should learn about Grace Mitchell, it is that she will not be defined. At the young age of nineteen, Mitchell has made it clear that she stands as an individual in an industry that is constantly trying to label others.

Mitchell made a mark with her 2015 single "NoLo", earning herself a slew of festival lineups and over 700,000 views on the single's music video. With her new single "Kids (Ain't Alright)", she has put forth a new anthem for a younger generation, reflecting on the current political climate while simultaneously rocking out.

I sat down with Grace at a bustling Los Angeles teahouse to talk about her upcoming music, touring, and politics. Check out the video above to learn more about this artist that is sure to make a splash on airwaves in 2017.

Watch the video for Kids (Ain't All Right) here: