Meet Gull, the One Man Band

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This weekly column highlights artists that perform in the Wreckroom, a recording studio in my Brooklyn home. Read more about Wreckroom here.

If you close your eyes you will hear the sounds of a three piece band complete with rhythmic guitar picking, a steady drum beat and the manic vocals of a passionate man. However, this ominous harmony is conjured by a lone musician, coordinating two instruments simultaneously, while modulating his own voice through a microphone-equipped mask.

I'd like to introduce you to Gull, a street musician who has sharpened his craft by busking all over the world, from his hometown in Virginia to small villages in Africa.
Gull exemplifies the Wreckroom philosophy. His creativity is original -- he loves what he does and tries to include the world in his devotion to music.

We first saw Gull perform with the White Rabbits in New York City and immediately invited him to the studio. When you watch the music video, you will notice his unusual style that we were drawn to. We couldn't look away and I know you won't be able to either.

This is his first of three sessions that he has done for Wreckroom and every time it gets stranger and more incredible then the last. Enjoy.